суббота, 20 февраля 2010 г.

What Type Are You?

Spending seven years researching typefaces and personalities, twenty-three academics from Pentagram created What type are you?. A four question test that analyses your character and recommends what type is perfect for you.

Я UNIVERSAL type (шрифт)
Попробуйте узнать, какой же шрифт подходит именно Вам! 

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shari berry bo-berry комментирует...

hey there...i wish i couuld read cyrillic...or at least translate your blog into english...

but at any rate, it was cool to see a comment from a stranger on my blog! ;)

where do you live?

Jimmy Mad комментирует...

in Russia ) small town

Jimmy Mad комментирует...

i'm translate in future, promise

shari berry bo-berry комментирует...

what is the name of your town?

how did you find my blog? and is your real name Jimmy??? :)

Jimmy Mad комментирует...

My real name Alexander... Find your blog was simple, just click "next blog"... and find you.

Анонимный комментирует...

thank you for your sweet comment!!
shallw e follow each other?

Jimmy Mad комментирует...

of course

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